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Article of The Month April

Middle Path: A Key For Achieving Balance in Life


Dr.Sharda Jain
Chairperson of Wow india

Most Of the activities we do have a centre point in the work we do, life comes into a balance and achieving goals seems much easier.

Everything we do has a midpoint. When we find into balance and finding your goals seem much easier to achieve. Eating, sleeping, exercise, and relaxation- each has its point of balance. Just the right amount will strengthen your body and nervous system; too much or too little will weaken you.

Avoid the dangerous tendency to think “more is better” when some aspect of life gets out of balance, we will invariably begin to see subtle signs of stress, depression, or anxiety. So it is important to realize that complete well being is impossible without balance

Try This: take time to look at the major areas of your life: work, relationships, diet. Try to feel their balance point- the point that feels exactly “right”- not too much, not too little. Make it a priority to keep your activities in balance.

Perhaps no influence in our lives is more powerfully healing and balancing than beauty. We instinctively know that surrounding ourselves with beauty encourages health and healing. This is why we bring flowers to the sick. In the presence of beauty, we relax, and our heart soars& dances.

A recent medical study showed that attention deficit disorder (ADD) was significantly reduced when the afflicted spend time in nature.

Try to walk regular out of doors in a beautiful green area. You can draw additional healing by consciously breathing in the open beauty around you. Feel that you are drinking in the colors of the flowers sunrise or sunset are said to be a “beauty bath”. that will refresh yours soul get rid of anything that depresses you, and accentuate the things that delight you. Visualize youself in a happy environment. Now consciously add those colors and nature’s sound to yours home or office. Life is beauty, and a beautiful environment will give you a better life.

Try this: take an inventory of your home, office, and life. Eliminate the ugly and accentuate the beautiful.