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Moral values for the young

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Moral Education is very important for the young girls as today the young children are beingmislead in to doing wrong deeds due to peer pressure. Thus the young children have to build a strong character with all the values so that they do not become victims of the peers. This has to be imparted at the young age so that they understand what is right and what is wrong which will make them strong to face the world. Moral Education for the young school going children is very important as they will be future laeders of our society .Moral education involves imparting values in life such as truthfulness, compassion, love, respect for elders and teachers,empathy honesty etc to the young children .The President WOW India is involved in this kind of training in the Ramakrishna Mission Delhi. It is called the Sharda Children Forum and any child from the age group of 7 to 14 years can join the classes which is held every Sunday from 3.30pm to5pm. It is free of cost& very population.


one being done in school & colleges in east Delhi on request. We are proud that over 1200 such workshops have been done focusing on life skills to avoid teenage problems.


to adolescent girls. 11 - 14 year (given free from govt. of Delhi ) is sincerely persuied through schools principals / teachers & parents awareness


Gives free vaccination to adolescent girls from slums at I.T.O.


Holy MotherSri Sarada Devi gave great importance to inculcation the right values in children at an early stage when values translate very quickly into practices.

Launched in 2007 for children between 7 & 14 years of age the Sarada Children's forums aims to provide a suitable platform for the children to

  • Build a strong moral character
  • Learn about spiritual values
  • Enjoy the collective learning environment

Sessions are held every Sunday at the mission premises & are free of cost & open to children from all backgrounds.


  • Each session is a mix of
    1. Moral stories
    2. Nuggets from scriptures
    3. Chanting Slokas
    4. Bhajans
    5. Ganes
    6. Interactive Plays
    7. Spoken Sanskrit & much more
  • The sessions are conducted by volunteers, including the principal of a Delhi University Girls College, with prior experience in similar programs.
  • In this process the children discover their inherent strengths, work on their inhibitions & inculcate a spirit of service understanding the higher goals of education. Work & life.

Children have also had wonderful opportunities like performing in front of the prime minister of india& at various programs organized by the Ramakrishna Mission , new Delhi