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Health is defined as not merely the absence of disease but it is a state of social, mental and physical well being (WHO).

In our opinion financial health is also an important component of individual well being. Well being of women is a low priority in our nation's and family agenda. All activities are only lip service. Her health is most neglected. This is because 80% women in this country don't work outside their homes and do not bring money to be added to "House Kitty". Nobody tells her to go for annual preventive checkup. She feels hesitant to spend money on her health even when she is "sick". Now with adoption of "small family norm" and 2 children family in metros, the emerging trend is healthy as mothers bring their daughters for their problems. But this trend is seen only 15-20% families in metros.

During pregnancy, 50% Indian families have some budget for two pregnancies depending upon their socio-economic status. But after pregnancy is over, no family wishes to spend on

  • Future contraception
  • Regular preventive check up
  • Haemoglobin test, pap smear, ultrasound, mammography, and BMD etc.

Result is that women are bothered and troubled by

  • Rampant anemia (over 90%)
  • Vaginal bleeding problems (1:5)
  • Bladder problems? Leaking urine problem (1:5)
  • Various degree of genital prolapse problem (1:10)
  • Menopausal symptoms (1:3)
  • Backache (over 50%)
  • Joint pain, especially knee joint (over 50%)
  • Vaginal discharge (over 80%)

There is no public movement or organizations with branches across country, which can create health awareness in women groups and make them aware about their day to day health problems and also make them aware about the best treatment options depending upon evidence based research.

It is a fact that Public health facilities are under utilized. Even family planning and abortion services are not utilized even when they are free of charge. In 2001 over 50% of deliveries still occur at home. Our maternal mortality rates are among the highest in the world. No significant drop has occurred in last 30 years in women health statistics. Over 90% women and girl children are anaemic. The average age of HYSTERECTOMY if much lower in India then any where of world.

Delhi gynaecologist forum's community wing has been writing articles in National dailies, lady's popular magazines for last 8 years, but somehow, the effort is only drop in the ocean as far as whole country is concerned. WOW (Well being of women) is started with following mission in mind to focus on women's reproductive health, overall women health and health of girl child.

  • Quality of life problems of women and girl child
    1. Vaginal Bleeding problem
    2. Backache
    3. Joint pains
    4. Menopausal symptoms
    5. Bladder problems
    6. Incontinence of urine
    7. Rampant Anaemia
    8. Osteoporosis
  • Pregnancy and child birth problems.
  • Gynaecological cancers.
  • Old age problems in women.
  • Overall feeling of well being in women, so she feels that she has added value to be Life.