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Save Girl Child

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The girl child is the most beautiful creation of God and therefore it is our duty to save and protect her throughout her life. Today we see that in India there a very high percentage of female foeticide and infanticide. This is a heinous crime, the female foetus is killed and not allowed to come on this earth. If she survives then she is killed as an infant, that is why the sex ratios are alarming . In Delhi the sex ratios accpording to 2011 census is 866 females to 1000 males. What are the consequences of the altered sex ratios ? The boys in this country will not have enough girls to marry . This is exemplified today in Haryana where they are getting brides from Kerala. Therefore the sex ratios have to be kept in balance as a safeguard at laest get suitable brides for the boys. Why is this crime increasing? This is because of gender disriminationand the demand for huge dowry if you have to marry off you daughters. Let us all pledge this year that we will not take or give dowry in marriages.Nowindia has associated 6 bodies where they ieSamoohikVivah& spend a lac for each couple. So that this menance is permanently removed from our society.Thus we will be able to save the beautiful creation of God who will be given due respect in the society .

Let us all work togehter to save the girl child.

"A baby girl one of the most beautiful miracles in life, one of the greatest joys we can ever know,and one of the reasons why there is a little extra sunshine, laughter and happiness in your world today."


  • Regularly taken out rallies to save girl child
  • In Every meeting with community school & collages we take 5 minutes time to highlight BBBP & also make them economically independent
  • In Facebook , we have formed a group BBBP which has large fan following
  • Our meeting in slums