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A person is said to be healthy only if one is physically, mentally ,emotionally and spiritually healthy. One may be physically fit, mentally and intellectually alert but it is a must that one is spiritually healthy. In India spirituality in ingrained in most of the women. It is a well-known fact that if you are happy and peaceful you will always be healthy. We always search for happiness outside such as I will be happy if I get different material goods but if one desire is fulfilled the second one crops up and if that is over the next starts and there is no end to our desires. Therefore we will always remain unhappy even if any one of our desires are not fulfilled. Thus if we are unhappy we will not be healthy. Our scriptures tell us do not look for happiness outside it is within you, Our desire is that we still want materialgoods, we want people to change and behave as we want. Is it possible? It is a big "NO". Therefore who has to change ? We have to change ourselves. Infectwe consider ourselves as the human body and all the unhappiness is due to attachment to material things and our own relatives.We have fear of loosing them and if we loose unhappiness dawns upon us. We have to lift us above as we have to understand we are not this body but the soul ie."Atman".If we are spiritually evolved we will understand that each human being is not the body but atman which is neither created nor destroyed. The moment we are spiritually enlightened we will understand we are all one. We will start treating everybody with dignity and respect.

WOW India would like every person in the society to be spiritually enlightened so that we expand purselves from "I " to WE" . Thus realizing our full potential we will be able to serve everyone with reverence.