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Women Empowerment

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It is well known that women have been given a back stage in our society. She is a mother who dedicates her whole life in taking care of her family and especially her children . The daighter also works for the family ,but at each stage of her life there is gender discrimination. Many girls are not sent to school and made to household jobs so that they earn for their family ie . Child labour. However, if they are sent to school there is a high percentage of dropouts as they are not able to cope up with the studies because of other constraints, so a high percentage of girls remain uneducated . It is believed that she is "Paraya Dhan" and therefore child marriages are still prevalent at the grassroot levels. In marriage there is a demand for huge dowry and after marriage also she is subjected to harrasment and violence. If she is not married she is prone to rape and sexual assaults. In her oldage after serving her family she has to fend for herself.What is the solution for all these problems ? Swami Vivekananda has said" Educate a women she will take care of herself".

Thus WOW India has to propagate the message . Educate your girls and teach her skills so that she can become economically independent and thus empowered.