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DGF / WOW India's Health Agenda of
Public Awareness & Action

  • Don't ignore Tuberculosis. It is number one cause of death in women in India.
  • Suicide is number two cause of death. Don't be serious, be light, learn to relax, make sincere friends.
  • Movement against Anaemia (MAA) Please commit to make Anaemia Free Family. Hb of child & women should be 12 gm%.
  • Movement against Osteoporosis (MAO). 70% women have weak bone. Get BMD/ Dexa to know your own bone health.
  • Safe Delivery/ Safe Abortion> ( No quacks please, No home delivery).
  • Knowledge of contraception / emergency contraception to every adolescent girl & married woman.
  • If you have Hypertension/ Diabetes, it should be controlled as (every 4th women has it). B.P. should be 120/80, P.P. Sugar should be <120 mg
  • Women should become obsessed about her own Weight / BMI. Over 50% women in city are over weight. Obesity is a disease & you should treat it. BMI of 32 - means that you have reached the point of return.
  • Obsession about walking (30 minutes), Yoga & Balanced Diet is must for every Indian women/ girl child
  • Annual check-up for women by lady doctor is must-
    1. Screening should include gynae checkup.
    2. Pap Smear.
    3. Mammography.
    4. TV Ultrasound.
    5. Dexa/ BMD.
    6. Dental Checkup.
  • Say 'No' to Cervical Cancer. Cancer cervix as it is number one cancer in India & cancer breast is number two cancer. Join us in movement for Cervical Cancer Prevention. FOGSI recommended Vaccination (9-46 years). If H/O cancer in family - Twice a year checkup advised.
  • Say 'No, to female foeticide.
  • Menopausal issues bleeding, incontinence, osteoporosis, PCOD mental health.
  • Bleeding > 40 years, 20 years
  • Every women & girl should know FIRST AID.