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IVF Sucess Rate
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“IVF Success Rate” : Needing Your
Clear Understanding!!
How to find out the right IVF Centre? What is an acceptable success rate in IVF? What is problem birthrate per embryo transfer? How many time a couple should attempts IVF?
What is probable birthrate per embryo transfer? How many time a couple should attempts IVF?
Every couple feels, there is 100% result following INF. This is not the reality at all. PREGNANCY is THE SUCCESS for IVF. Statistics referring to “pregnancy” may see just a positive are delivered with a viable baby are called live birth rate and this is the real success!! Increasingly a concern is also growing how to avoid multiple live birth pregnancy rates. Indians, do not mind twins with IVF. Twins are born in 35 % of pregnancies and triplets in 5 %, as compared to twins’ rate of 1 in 80 birth and triple 1 in every 6,000 pregnancies in normal population.
IVF Live Birth success rates statistics: it is of course 100% for the couple who get a live baby after IVF, and for the one who fails, its 0% each IVF treatment cycle is A Bit Like Taking A Gamble- i.e “one need to hope for the best and prepare for the worst”!
IVF and ICSI should not be considered to be a sure shot affair. Patients should plan mentally at least to go through at least 3 cycle to give themselves a fair chance of live birth rate. With 3 treatment cycles, the chance of getting pregnant (the cumulative conception rate) is about 80% to 85% WHAT THIS MEANS is that even though the chance of getting pregnant in a single IVF –ICSI cycle may never be more than 405, over 3 treatment cycle, the chances increases to good 80% to 85%.
Let us assume the pregnancy rate for IVF or IVFICSI cycle at a centre is 30%. This is least expected from good centre. If 10 patients start an IVF cycle, 3 will get pregnant. Leaving 7 patients. If these 7 do another IVF cycle, 2 will be pregnant . two more will get pregnant in 3rd cycle; so that 10 patients who started, minimum 7 or 8 will pregnant in three attempts. This is because the chance of getting pregnant in the next IVF cycle do not decrease just because a pregnancy has not occurred in the previous IVF cycle. So that the best would be to keep on trying for three cycles.
No one can go on and on, till they hit the jackpot! One has to set a limit somewhere, and the decision when to stop is something which only the couple can make for themselves. It is strongly recommended that no one should undertake one- shot attempt. It a couple can only afford one treatment cycle, IVF is probably not the right procedure for them. After all, in good IVF programmes – there is only two – in- five chance that IVF will be successful. There will not be tremendous let down and set back if it fails. So do not try single IVF – ICSI cycle.
Our group believes that there is just over 75% chance if they undergo IVF three times using their own eggs; and an 85% chance with donor eggs (provider is under 39 years), and the embryo recipient has a normal uterine cavity and a proper hormonal environment. After more that 6 failed IVF cycle, the chance for a pregnancy with IVF is negligible
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IVF Sucess Rate
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